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bloody nose

yep i have a bloody nose. and it's not a "holy crap random bloody nose!!!" it's a wtf?! i fucking slipped whilst lleaning over and my fucking finger rammed into my nose and my fingernail made it bleed. this sucks. anyways, today was it. the final class and i'm officially on christmas break except for the fact that i have to get u pand meet my advisor at ten tomorrow. i know that it could be worse and she could want to meet at like 7 or some shit like that but i was so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. i even bragged about it tonight. UGH. well, anyways, just thought i'd mention that i have now officially been in a relationship for a fucking long ass time a.k.a. a year and two months. that's a loooooong time for me. anywho. my bed beckons.

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