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okay i didn't think i would really use this thing but i'm going to anyways.

i wish that jack didn't have such a hard time with school. i just don't know what to do to help him. he just has something wrong with him. he has to. there's no other way to explain it and it just hurts so bad to sit back and watch him fail knowing that i'm helpless. he wants it so bad and he just gets so frustrated. i just wish that i could understand. i need answers.

in other news, don't room with your best friend. i know people say that all the time and you think, "no, we can do it." you can't. especially don't move in if you haven't been getting along anyways. also, if your roommates boyfriend spends the night every single night, say something. i didn't sign up to live with a guy i don't know why i should have to. then he brings his friends over and then they have parties and i HATE it. i was told that i was close minded becuase i didn't want to be friends with his friends just because they are his friends. well, there's a reason. they drink and smoke all the time and i don't want to be around it becuase that is a lifestyle that i have chosen not to partake in. they have a party every weekend and i'm just sick of it. the found another roommate without even running it by me. i'm starting to think this was (in the words of sarah fred) a b-a-d idea. the thing that sucks for them is that if i move out, that house isn't top priority. they're violating terms of the lease and the only reason my dad is letting them stay is becuase of me. i just can't stand them anymore. i don't get along with either of them and they are just straight up fake to each other. i hate that house and i don't want to live there anymore. i'm over it. if i love at home i'm closer to jack, it's cheaper, there's free food and satelite tv. my parents don't give a shit what i do. i don't know why i left in the first place.

Avatar max *
10-30-06 22:40
cyber desperado
I dunno why people fight it, once you've signed up you pretty much know you're going to post.

Your roommates boyfriend sounds like a dick.
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