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so i'm new to this whole elowel thing. it's recently discovered. hopefully this is one of those that no one finds. although judging by how i found this (i googled a random friend's name (lame i know!!!) and found a completely different friend's (one of my BEST friends) blog) that's not gonna happen. i don't know that anyone will understand what i just typed. but ANYWAYS, i found out some interesting stuff. aparently i completely manipulated my boyfriend into getting back together with me. we had been dating for 8 months and he broke up with me. naturally i was crushed. my first love, my first heartbreak. i wanted my friends to be there for me yes, but the only person i wanted was him. there had been so much drama between all of my friends that he was the only person i was really spending time with (which was the reason he couldn't deal with me anymore, understandable). anyways, my friends were great through it, even one with whom i had recently had a rocky relationship. after 4 days of me being sad but still going out and having fun, one of them expected me to be over it. HOW COULD I BE?!?! i hung out with him every day so after he dumped me what was i supposed to do? we got back together needless to say. (she thinks i manipulated him into it) but we've been dating for 4 months after we broke up. well fuck! maybe i've been manipulating him this whole time!!! please! we've been together a year now, a roller coaster of a year but definitely the best of my life. he's my best friend and the ONLY person i can tell everything to.

my friend who wrote this is someone very close to my heart. and i knew most of what she had written, she hadn't been afraid to tell me. but it hurts a little that she said, and i quote, "I KNOW she manipulated him." damn! AND she used all caps ouch.

but i've come to learn that it's just how she is.

Avatar taytenwy
10-15-06 23:58
Do stuff! Enjoy it!
Um.... sounds complicated. Welcome to elowel. I think you'll fit in here.
Avatar volcanovixen21 *
10-16-06 00:05
Dvorak Attack
High school?
Avatar david *
10-16-06 14:48
Ross Is. Br.
I HATE it when people use all caps...

I mean GET OVER YOURSELF already, am I right?
Avatar chucho *
10-16-06 17:24
Breathe deep
alot of people come to elowel hoping that "this blog will never be found" and it seems like they always fail.
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